MyCannabisIQ – A Resource for Clinicians

TitleMyCannabisIQ: A resource for clinicians.
Version DateJuly 2018


Helping your clients make informed decisions about cannabis use can be a big undertaking. We know clinicians need to be armed with the right information and background knowledge to effectively talk about cannabis use with clients in your care. 

EPION recognizes how difficult it can be to know where to start navigating all the information that is out there
about cannabis use and its effect on young people. This resource was developed by EPION to help guide your
learning and tackle conversations about cannabis with confidence.

Interested in print copies for your Ontario EPI program? Contact or click here to download PDF with printers marks.

#MyCannabisIQ is brought to you by EPION.



What is EPION?

EPION is a network of people who work in early psychosis intervention (EPI) services in Ontario, individuals who have received EPI services, and their family members and caregivers. We help strengthen early intervention services across Ontario and support the implementation of the MOHLTC’s Early Psychosis Intervention Program Standards, released in May 2011.



Our Vision

To build and support a network of provincial leaders that advances knowledge, provides advocacy, promotes quality evidence-based care and support for people and families living with early psychosis.


Our Mission

To promote rapid psychosis detection and access to care, to advance early psychosis intervention through research and knowledge exchange, and to implement and advance standards of care for early psychosis intervention.